Quality Wood from Europe

SoftWood ( Spruce & Pine)


Spruce (Picea abies) and Pine (Pinus sylvestris).

Rough Sawn Timber

We are offer sawn timber in various sizes mostly for construction and furnishing industry, rough sawn timber is purely from Spruce/pine. Our product range constitutes from Kiln dried, Air dried and Fresh sawn material.

S4S Timber

S4S (Four sided planed) Timber is mostly from Spruce and pine , the main sizes in pine are 2X10,2X6 and 2X4. In spruce 30/27X120-105 , 26X58 and 29X58

Sleeper blocks

Sleeper blocks are from pine and spruce ,these are 100% square edge & air dried we ship after Anti-blue stain treatment .

Pallet Timber

we offer wide range of pallet elements in Spruce and pine ,these are KD or fresh-cut with anti-mould treatment.

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